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Wish List

As you can see, our list of needs is a long one. Many of the items on this list, like chicken, are things that we will continually need. Each item that is a continual need is marked with an asterisks below. Most of these items can be purchased at your local store.

We also have an Amazon Wishlist to make shopping easier. Just click HERE!

Many specialty items for the big cats can be purchased through our online wish list with Sanctuary Supplies

What we need the most at this point are vehicles. We desperately need a facility truck to haul equipment and move animals, a 6-8 person golfcart so that we can provide tours to people who have difficulty walking around the compound,  and we need a vehicle for our interns so they can make trips to the store! If you or anyone you know can help with this need, please contact us.

** = Always in need of


  • Office Supplies (paper, markers, tape, pens, shelving, etc.) **
  • New Desktop computer (Apple preferred)
  • 2 new laptop computers (Apple preferred)

Animal Care

  • Bags of Chicken Leg Quarters (10 lb bag-frozen) **
  • Wooden spools **
  • Bleach **
  • Metal water buckets (3-5 gallon) **
  • Toys for cats (boomer balls, safari balls, etc.) **
  • Medical Supplies (needles, gauze, etc.) **
  • Ground Turkey (pure) **
  • Stock Tanks (at least 5 ft long) **


  • Weed-eaters
  • Two-way Radios **
  • Welder
  • Hand tools (wrenches, screw drivers, drill, hand saw, pliers, etc.) **
  • Medical equipment **
  • Vehicle for interns
  • Operations/Facility Truck
  • Tires (Truck, tractor, mule, trailer)
  • Hydraulic surgical table


  • Trees!!! Our Cats and Volunteers would love to have more shade!
  • Landscaping Materials (Boston Ivy, dry climate plants, etc.) **
  • Landscaping/Sandstone Rocks
  • Rakes, shovels, etc. **
  • Gloves **
  • Water hoses **
  • Picnic Tables
  • Benches
  • Heavy duty trash cans for compound
  • Fire Ant Spray **
  • Wasp Spray **
  • Weed Killer **

Intern Housing

  • Bathroom accessories (towels, shelves, rugs, etc.) **
  • Paper towels **
  • Brooms (push brooms for vet center & freezer) **
  • Toilet Paper **
  • 12 gal. Trash Bags **

New Construction

  • Tin (8 foot sheets totaling 2,000ft) **
  • 2 7/8 inch oil field pipe **
  • 2 3/8 inch oil field pipe **
  • 9 gauge chain link (10 ft & 8 ft) **
  • Galvanized tie wire (12 gauge & 14 gauge) **
  • Treated Lumber **
  • 1 inch sucker rod

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