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Sex: Male
Born: 10.18.2014
Loving Adoptive Parents: AVAILABLE
Loving Sponsors:  Geoffrey Steinberg - Philadelphia, PA; Michael and Megan Sirera - Quarryville, PA; and The Rossetti Family - West Bath, ME

Boomer and Slade are two VERY rambunctious tigers who came to live at CARE in the Fall of 2014. They belonged to a private owner in Florida who was looking for a good home for them to grow up and live their rest of their lives. The owner contacted us to see if we would be able to care for them, and we gladly said yes.

Since they arrived, the brothers have been getting into types of trouble! Boomer was usually the calmer of the two, if there even is a calm one, and Slade was constantly going, he never slows down! As they have gotten older Slade has mellowed out a little bit. They both spend their time wrestling, snuffling at people trying to get attention, stalking tour groups, and eating a ton!

We have so enjoyed watching them grow and seeing their individual personalities come out! They are big, healthy boys with a long, loved life ahead of them!

Photo Nov 15, 9 32 35 AM

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