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Sex: Female
Born: 7.16.2001
Loving Adoptive Parent: Rachel Banks of Paradise, TX
Loving Sponsor: Melanie Piccolo - Depew, NY

Savanna is a lovely orange tiger that is also an extremely friendly and sweet girl. She is always willing to come up to the fence and say hello. She is very inquisitive, and if you go to visit her, she’ll usually spend a few seconds analyzing you and your scent before she says her official ‘hello’. She enjoys the simple company of people, and many times if you were to just sit down next to her enclosure, she would walk on over and plop down right next to you. She isn’t all smiles and candy-canes though! She’s another one of our cats who is rather protective of her meat. So make sure that you wait for her to finish eating before you come up to say hello!

Savanna was injured a few years back when she got into a pretty nasty fight with her sister Kate. The fight became pretty serious before the CARE volunteers could stop it, and Kate had actually bit Savanna in the face so hard that the bones around Savanna’s left eye were shattered. The CARE staff feared that she may have lost her eye. Emergency surgery was performed to clear the fragments of bone and dead tissue away from Savanna’s eye-socket. Miraculously, her eyeball was left intact! She was a lucky girl, but she’ll always bear the wounds of that fight.

Update: In the Fall of 2013 it became necessary to remove Savanna's eye. The injury had started to cause her discomfort and it was decided that in order to save her pain, the eye would be removed. She is doing great and adjusting well!

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