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Sex: Female
Born: 5.10.2003
Loving Adoptive Parent – Rasa Poorman – Novi, MI

Rasa is a very frisky orange tiger who shares an enclosure with Sydney, another orange tigress. Both tigers used to also share their space with Layla, an African lioness, before she moved in with Sampson. Her best friend is her neighbor tiger, Acari.

Rasa is a very sweet, curious, and playful kitty- and many times she can be found crouching down behind the tall grass that surrounds the fence of her enclosure. When she does this, she’ll usually be waiting for some unsuspecting person to walk by so that she can jump up and scare the living daylights out of them! It is definitely during times like these when a person can really appreciate the strength of our enclosures!

Rasa also had to suffer with incisors that had grown in crooked for years. A while back we received a huge helping hand to remove these teeth and make Rasa much more comfortable. You can read the full story here.

While eating has become much easier for Rasa, she has been left with a bit of an "Elvis lip" due to the removal of one of her teeth. Her upper lip gets caught on her lower teeth sometimes giving her that signature snarl!

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