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Sex: Male
Born: 4.1.2006
Loving Adoptive Parents: Stephanie Rotter & Raymond Mascia - New York, NY and Jennifer Pitcock - Fort Worth, TX
Loving Sponsor: Denny Ayala - New York, NY
Kids’ CARE Keeper – Austin T.

JP was somewhat of a miracle baby. CARE had spayed, neutered or separated all big cats that could produce offspring. Therefore on April 1, 2006, when sounds of a newborn tiger resonated through the sanctuary, we thought someone was playing an April fools joke. Then to our surprise, sounds of babies came from Allie and Archie’s enclosure (two tigers we had gotten custody of a couple of months before). Although Archie had been neutered, soon after custody, we had been too late.

Four baby tigers. What a nightmare for the CARE staff, who were overwhelmed already. The commitment of a possible 20 years (times 4) now awaited us, and was an overwhelming thought. We all tried to make the best of the situation.

JP is very special. For all that meet him the words “old soul” seems to follow. He has a deep stare and a wisdom about him that is overwhelming. You could find yourself getting lost in his eyes. JP’s story is very short. No words describe him and to truly understand JP you must come and see him.

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