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CARE Wild Animal Retreat

Nestled 16 feet above the lion and tiger enclosures, the newly built Safari Suites are the (non-animal) crown jewel of CARE!

Imagine dining in your luxurious accommodations above CARE’s beautiful lions lazing in the Texas sunset....

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....or sipping wine on your terrace as you watch the tigers, Slade and Boomer, frolic below. Over the east terrace, you will also see the energetic lemurs in their enclosure; leaping through the air with ease.


That is not all – suite guests will also receive a behind the scenes tour of the CARE facility including meeting all of the lions, tigers, bobcats, llamas and more. Guests will have the opportunity to safely feed the king of the feline beasts and the sweetest of little primates.

This has been a labor of love by many. This endeavor could have never been completed if CARE did not receive high-quality interior furniture and decor donated by home furnishing company, ATG, metal piping used to build the big cat enclosures donated by Woodstock Tube, and all of the considerable financial donations given by so many.

Finally, you can reserve your stay with the big cats that you have come to know and love. The CARE facility’s “Wild Animal Retreat” features the following:

  • View of lions from your luxury bedroom window
  • View of tigers and lemurs from your terrace
  • Breakfast and Dinner of your choice served to your room
  • Behind the scenes feeding tour and night time tour options
  • Personal 24 hour on-site concierge
  • Access to on-site outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  • 50" HD TV with satellite
  • Mini fridge, Keurig coffee maker, and microwave
  • Area activities options available
  • Stays can be tailored to your needs
  • The special introductory donation to CARE for a stay in the suites with all of the amenities is $750 per night. Guest donations will help CARE continue giving a safe and loving home to some of the planet’s most amazing creatures.

    You can reserve your stay in this one-of-a-kind retreat at any time! Visit for details and reservations.

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