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Sex: Female
Born: 8.5.2003
Loving Adoptive Parent: Stephanie McCollum - Paradise, TX
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE

Layla is a stunning African Lioness who found a permanent home at CARE after extensive travel with her previous owners. Layla spent most of her life here at CARE living with two tigresses, Sydney and Rasa. For many who visited CARE it was an odd, yet beautiful sight to see these two amazing species living in harmony, well… for the most part anyways. Instinctively lions are more dominate than tigers and this trait sometimes showed in Layla. She would become quite the diva and this caused a little trouble with the other ladies. For the most part Layla and tigers were great friends and enjoyed each others company, although we all knew she would enjoy the company of Sampson (big male lion) much more.

In 2011 Sampson's elderly mate, Sprinkles, passed away. It was our chance to move the younger Layla in with another of her kind. It was love at first site!

When we moved the two lions in together, we also made another decision. We decided to let them breed based on a request from Texas A & M University. Typically CARE does not allow breeding, but we had an opportunity to play a part in critical research that could save many lions from early death. On Christmas day, 2011 we were presented with a bouncing baby girl lion who we named Noel. You can read more about Noel's story on her bio page.

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