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Araali and Zuberi

Araali and Zuberi
Sex: Male
Born: 6.6.2014
Araali's Loving Adoptive Parents: Daniel Byrum - Crowley, TX and Courtney Clark - Decatur, TX
Zuberi's Loving Adoptive Parents: Jill Penske Felker & Timothy Felker - Lexington, Kentucky and Laura Hickey - Clarkston, MI
Araali's Loving Sponsor: Kim Swaner - Murray, UT
Zuberi's Loving Sponsor: William "VVolf" Bentley - College Station, TX

CARE's young lions Araali and Zuberi (along with their brother Jelani) were quite a surprise for us! They have had a very rough road, and continue to overcome obstacles. But, at 1 year old as of June 2015, are in excellent condition and are thriving!

Read the story of their arrival HERE!

At around 6 months of age, the two brothers were diagnosed with Wobbler's Syndrome. Since their diagnosis, so many people have pulled together to give them the best care possible and make sure that they stay healthy and happy. You can read about their champions HERE!

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