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Another sad announcement from CARE-yesterday we lost the uniquely handsome Eerie. Many of you know of Eerie's lifelong battles with a variety of health problems. The closest thing, in human terms, to what Eerie suffered from is Marfan Syndrome. Eerie wasWe need everyone's help welcoming Dahlia the llama to the CARE family! Visit to read her story! #llama #rescueHappy 8th birthday to "The Babies"! They are a very good looking bunch, don't you think? Clockwise from top left: Allucia, Luca, Jakey, and JP. This pic does a great job of showing how we tell the tigers apart. If you look at the markings right above theiHappy St. Patrick's Day to you! And happy birthday to Sydney who turns 11 years old today! Photo by Krista Cope @kristacope #tiger #bigcatsofinstagramIt was Miss Stewart's 2nd bday yesterday!  Happy birthday to this little, goofy girl! #lemur #ringtaillemurWe just love this pic of Allie and Archie hanging out on their platforms taken by Rachel Malone  @wildliferchick #tigers #bigcatsofinstagram#tbt to baby Spotty and Ace. Yes, Spotty was a spotted leopard (who we recently lost) and Ace is a black leopard and they were brothers! Both were born at the facility before it was CARE.  Leopards can produce either color variation, but typically you seePretty blue-eyed Acari #tiger #whitetiger #bigcatsofinstagramEvery post is it's own small celebration of each animal here at CARE, this post is certainly no different, and possibly even more so.   This Saturday CARE said farewell to a very special leopard, the sweet and lovable Spotty. He held a very special placeSolano is a character! He is a very talkative boy, usually yelling for someone's attention. He also really, really loves his safari balls. When he gets a new one, he won't leave it for days and will even sleep with his arms around it!   Solano's most recoSelina was boarded at the facility starting when she was 6 mos old, before the facility was CARE, by a very famous owner. This owner just never picked her up, so when CARE was established in 2003, she became a permanent resident.   Selina played a vital rThe king of CARE, Sampson! Sam found a home here when he was just 12 weeks old. He was suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency which leads to death in many young lions. Sam experienced seizures, disorientation, and lack of coordination and was placed on immRasa is a gorgeous tiger that lives with another tigress, Sydney. Although Sydney and Rasa get along great, Rasa's true best friend is their neighbor Acari. The two tigers also used to share their space with lioness Layla before she moved in with Sampson.Miss Stewart is the eldest lemur baby and has always been in the middle of everything. Akisa's daughter is outgoing, curious, and a little mischievous! Also, if you look closely at her right hand, you may see that she is missing the tip of her middle fingFirst of all, I have to tell you how hard it is to pick a picture of Milo! It's not because I don't have enough of them, it's because they are all so GOOD!! He is so ridiculously photogenic. It even seems like he is constantly posing waiting for his pictuLuca is T-R-O-U-B-L-E! He is one of the four "Babies" and he was a handful from day one!   Luca is known for sneaking up on people when their backs are turned, being extremely jealous of other cats when they get attention, and just generally being naughtyThis is Kate. Like all of our cats, 90% of the time she is calm, affectionate, and cute. However, she is still a tiger, and a feisty one at that! She can be a dirty fighter. She lives with Donya and Rascal, but years ago also shared her space with her sisThis handsome fellow is JP (or Peezer to his friends). He is the largest of the "Babies" and is quite striking! He is described by many as having an "old soul". He is always happy to see his people, has a good natured approach to life, and as we found outJezzabell is Elley's sister, they are almost identical! They both share a home with the magnificent Zeus.    Sometimes the sisters get into little arguments and Zeus will step in to play peacekeeper before things get to serious. We have recently opened upDid you know that Jakey (one of the four 7 year old "Babies") is CARE's living mascot?  When Baby Jake was born, he was the runt of the litter. But, his bold black stripes and dark orange coat so closely resembled that of CARE's official mascot, Jake, thaFire was born at the facility before it was CARE and was a boarding facility. She was a perfect baby, but at 8 weeks old she was given routine vaccinations and went into a coma. Thankfully she woke up, but she woke up blind. After a lot of visits with speElley lives with big boy Zeus and her sister Jezzabell (they are almost identical). Elley gets so excited at feeding time that she does a "hoppy dance" in anticipation of dinner. She also LOVES to be sprayed with water in the summer time! It's her favoritDonya is a very spunky tiger! She shares a home with Kate and Rascal. She is very masculine for a female, one of the largest girl tigers at CARE. Oddly enough she prefers men over women, which is strange considering CARE is mostly run by women. She also LChompers is CARE's heavyweight! In the winter we estimate that he weighs close to 700 pounds (although he has never been weighed, cause really it's not that easy to weigh tigers), making him the heftiest cat at CARE.  He is our gentle giant though, with aCARE's very own star personality, Cassie, loves to entertain! The more attention she can get, the better. From her squeaks and purrs to her acrobatics and, even basketball playing skills, she is a true ham. We don't even have to ask, we know that Cassie iBindi is CARE's newest resident. The 8 year old coati (a South American relative of the raccoon) is a funny little animal. She loves marshmallows, her toys, likes to climb and curl up in her blankets. She enjoys the occasional back and belly scratches andBeauty holds the title of oldest cat at CARE, she's 19! That's really old for a mountain lion. Her sister Beast passed away awhile ago, but they both had short, stubby tails (usually mountain lion tails are very long). There were a lot of theories going aFirst mom Allie, then daughter Allucia, now dad Archie!   Archie is the proud poppa of the Babies (Allucia, Luca, JP, and Jakey). He is also Allie's brother (hey-we don't judge here).   Archie can often be seen running  along the fence with his young lionSeems fitting that the day after we post about Allie, we introduce her one and only daughter, Allucia! Allucia was, and still is, dwarfed by her giant brothers (the other Babies-JP, Luca, and Jakey). Don't think for a second she gets bullied by the boys tRight after CARE took custody of Allie (and her brother Archie) in 2006, she gave us a HUGE surprise by giving birth to 4 cubs. We had no idea that giving her a home meant taking in a whole family! "The Babies" as they are still called, are all grown up aAce has perfected the art of "aloofness", he prefers to be up high where he can peer down at us lesser folk with disdain. He can be a bit guarded at first, but if he decides he likes you, he can be a loyal and trusting friend.  He also used to have a SERIEach and every animal at CARE is unique and special in their own way. To prove that, and to start the New Year off right, we will be posting a picture of each animal, in alphabetical order, every day along with a fact about them. Hopefully you will see hoHappy New Year from Mwali and the rest of the CARE family! #lion #bigcatsofinstagram   Photo by @kristacopeLevi's crazy eyes  Photo by @jadeoliviak #tiger #whitetiger #bigcatsofinstagram"Bug and Peeta" (Fire and Melita) by @jadeoliviak #tigers #bigcatsofinstagram"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..." @lion  @bigcatsofinstagramWhiskers and teeth. Photo by @kristacope. #tiger #bigcatsofinstagramOur December photo of the month (taken by Sandy Mendel) is quite fitting since we are celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the arrival of our lemur troop at CARE!!  We are also celebrating some birthdays this month: Elley and Jezzabell (16), Selina (14),JP and Allucia are not super thrilled about the weather. Brrrr!! #tigers #bigcatsofinstagramIt's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! #tbt to one year ago when Mwali and Noel got their very own decorated tree with presents!Due to having one of her canines removed, Rasa has a bit of an Elvis thing going on! #cute #tiger #bigcatsofinstagram. Pic by @jadeoliviakGuess what! Little Bindi found herself an adoptive parent!! Congratulations Bindi and Geneva Ellis! Welcome to the CARE family.  Find out about our animal adoption program on our website under Help CARE. It would be a pretty amazing giRemembering sunnier and warmer days....#tiger #bigcatsofinstagramAn absolutely perfect photo of Tabula taken by Sr. Volunteer Claude M. #lion #happyface #lioness #bigcatsofinstagramPretty picture of Layla by @kristacope #lion #lioness #bigcatsofinstagramOur November photo of the month is now posted on the website. This gorgeous picture of Majanna was taken by Lasantha Premaratha. Thanks for sharing this with us!!  Also, happy November b-days to Bonnie, Clyde, and Levi (all 12 yrs. old); and Tawney (14)!Anyone eat too much candy yesterday????  #tgif #lions #bigcatsofinstagramWe hope Bonnie's sweet face makes your Monday a little brighter! Photo by @kristacope  #tiger #whitetiger #bigcatsofinstagram #rescueRikku and Bindi having a moment. Bindi is still available for adoption and sponsorship. She needs somebody to come give her shrimp and marshmallow treats (and maybe a bath every now and then)! #coati #rescueEye of the.....leopard. Happy #caturday!! Pretty picture of Milo by @jadeoliviak.  #leopard #bigcatsofinstagramJoin us in celebrating National Cat Day (big or small)! Photo by @kristacope #nationalcatdayJP is pleased it is #caturday!  #tiger #bigcatsofinstagram   Photo by @bigcatderek on Twitter.Tiger games.....  #tiger #whitetiger #play #bigcatsofinstagramSavanna is recovering very well after having her damaged eye removed. Thanks again to all those who donated and helped make this happen for her!!Congrats to our October photo of the month winner, Chrissie Sargent. She sent in this awesome pic of Acari. Thanks Chrissie! #tiger #whitetiger #bigcatsofinstagramJust a pretty picture of Sampson and Layla from the Twitter account of @bigcatderek. Happy Wednesday! #lions #bigcatsofinstagram #rescuePlease don't forget that several of our animals need you help right now! Milo, needing a declaw repair so he will be pain free as he ages an hopefully be around longer, is just one I them. Please consider giving to our Veterinary CARE Fund!  Read more atWho knew that some of CARE's animals had so much talent!! Check out the brand new mini-blog celebrating Bindi the Coati's artwork. She is our own little Jackson Pollock and will be sharing her masterpieces (and sharing special coati-wisdom) with the worldLevi is demonstrating what we like to call "stinky face". The correct term is flehming or the flehmen response (but stinky face is cuter to say).    Cats (and other animals like horses and tapirs) make this face to pass air over an organ located above theHere is our new September Pic of the Month featured on our website.   This shot of our snow leopard, Arctic, cooling off in his custom waterfall and pool was taken by our Operations Director, Derek Krahn (@bigcatderek on Twitter).  #snowleopard #bigcatsofAlright, we'll give this a shot!  Who wants to take a stab at captioning this pic of Mwali?  #lion #lioncub #bigcatsofinstagramSerena showing us all how it's done. Take it easy everyone and happy Labor Day!  Photo by @jadeoliviak   #tiger #laborday #bigcatsofinstagramOur lion king and queen, Sampson and Layla, viewing their kingdom from their jumbo sized cat house. Lions are pretty cool. #lionking #lions #bigcat #bigcatsofinstagram #rescue   Photo by @kristacopeOh, and just FYI, lemurs eating corn on the cob is just about the cutest thing we have ever seen!  Photo by @bigcatderek. #lemur #lemursofinstagram #ringtaillemur #rescueWe are feeling pretty special here today and we want you to know that we love our supporters about as much as Milo loves his ramp. And that is a lot of love!! #leopard #love #bigcat #bigcatsofinstagramHappy Friday! Here's a super cute picture of Raven with her tiger toy that she carried around with her while she was recovering from minor surgery in the vet center several months ago. Photo by @jadeoliviak #leopard #blackleopard #toy #cute #bigcat #bigcaIntern alum Brie B. took this amazing shot of Layla watching the sun go down over CARE. CARE provides a sanctuary not just for animals, but for our volunteers and supporters as well. Thank you to all our friends for all that you do to keep CARE going. WitBeauty giving someone a talking to. Guess she feels the same way about Mondays as we do.   Oh, and if you have a few minutes, head over to our blog at and read about the #STARTARYOT Challenge that started today. We are entered in tSomebody (Chompers) was playing and bit a hole in his water bucket. Silly tiger. #bigcatsofinstagram #tigerGreat shot of Arctic by Claude M. #snowleopard #bigcatsofinstagramMwali: Punk rock lion! Happy Monday!    #lion #mohawk #punk #bigcatsofinstagramWe didn't forget about our #whitetiger week photo of the day either. How could we not post a pic of sweet Solano napping with his ball? Photo by @kcope5. #tiger #bigcatsofinstagram #cute #nap #ball #sweetTigers have the longest canine teeth of all the big cats (2.5 to 3 in. long). Zeus here is special because his are a monstrous 4 inches long!! Those are huge!  His teeth are so irregularly large that he has been part of many studies, including research prThis is Consuela (or Connie to her friends). You may remember that several months ago she had to have her right eye removed because a tumor had grown around it. The amazing thing is that she can see better than she did before since she was cross-eyed. NowMondays. (Photo by @kcope5).Archie giving you his best "smile", 'cause it's Friday! @saycheese @tiger @bigcat @bigcatsofinstagramLayla lion   #lion #lioness #bigcatsofinstagramA little lion love for your Monday! Mwali and Noel are pretty darn adorable. #littlelions #lion #love #bigcatsofinstagram. Photo by @bigcatderek.We need to get Mort his own phone. He loves ours! His favorite thing is the gaze at his own reflection in the screen. Such a silly boy. #lemurs #iPhone #rescueWe grow tigers in pots here. Melita and Fire are coming in nicely. Must be from all the rain. #tigers #bigcatsofinstagram Photo by @kcope5All the platforms and ramps installed in our enclosures serve double-duty as fun things to climb and jump on and also big cat-sized scratching posts.    Photo by: @bigcatderek   #scratchingpost #bigcats #bigcatsofinstagram"Mine".  Tess can be a bit possessive when it comes to paper mâché. Or anything really.  #tiger #bigcatsofinstagram #rescueAce's face. Photo cred: @kcope5    #blackleopard #leopard #bigcat #blackpanther #bigcatsofinstagramYeah, we got a case of the Mondays too! Photo Cred: Derek B. #tiger #grrr #mondayHope everyone is recovering from yesterday's festivities! Happy Friday! #tigers #rescue #sleep #fridayHappy 4th of July from CARE! Have a fun and safe Independence Day!  #america #flag #lemur #4th #rescueTaking care of the animals at CARE (especially our special needs guys) often goes above and beyond providing food, shelter, medicine, and love. Sometimes we do crazy stuff like give our Snow Leopard, Arctic, weekly baths. We don't do it for fun though friIt's hot out here ya'll! Please check out our website at to read about our #operationcoolcats project. We still have lots of pools and misters to install to protect our cats from the Texas heat! #tiger #pool #rescue #hot #summerA very young Noel hanging out with her friend Lacy (a tiger that lived out her natural life at CARE and was preserved after her passing as an educational tool).   Little Noel was such a cutie!! #tbtEerie has an unusual silhouette. Born with a spinal defect, complicated by an unusual growth spurt when he was two years old, and then losing his tail to an injury caused by another cat makes him one of our special needs babies.   Eerie is given meds dailIt's one of those days. #bellyup #tigersBaby Fire. Fire was one of our miracle babies, having a very rocky start to life. At 8 years old, she is one of the most spoiled tigers in the world now. You can read about Fire's special story at in the Animal Bios section. #tbt #tigerHappy Monday!  Photo of Spotty and Raven courtesy of Claude M.Bindi, CARE's resident Coati, patiently waits her marshmallow treats. #coati #coatimundi #care #rescue #animalsSpotty's spots. Waiting for his back rub. #leopard #spots #bigcats #rescue #c.a.r.e.Sampson looking handsome. #lionking #lion #bigcats #care #rescue #catsofinstagramIt's hard getting back in the groove after a long weekend! It's sleepy in here. Photo cred: @jadeoliviakMr. Tazz giving his best "Blue Steel". Tazz is really enjoying all the attention he is getting in the vet center. He is so much more comfy with his bed and pillows now.LeviTazzSpottyJadeSolanoJadeSamJadeMwaliJadeMiloJadeLucaChaseLuca&&Luca&LeviJadeArcticJadeAlluciaNailsJadePhoto Apr 08, 11 04 32 AMlazymwali9AFB050A-9C0F-4A0E-8C2C-6EC8CAD5D8CB-1747-0000017F15C2D5E9Photo Apr 06, 12 27 43 PMphotobwPhoto Apr 06, 4 11 21 PMNoel19Noel9Noel4Noel3Mwali9634_151785097725_4129008_nTabula6Mort3AkisaKJandBabiesAkisaandstewartAkisa914d43e0754ac5d0Stewart5d6b41f8Lemur Ball 2WP_000935WP_000932WP_000913WP_000904409206_10150453416037217_562772216_8924223_761247479_nDSC_1888Lemur Ball 3