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Your gift means the world to us…

We, literally, would not be able to accomplish what we do without you. We face many challenges daily in our work to provide a permanent sanctuary to our beloved cats. Your support helps ensure that their future in captivity will be brighter. Your participation makes a big difference. Thank you for sharing the CARE!

Donate Online Now via PayPal!

To donate to the fund of your choice, simply click the "Add special instructions to the seller” link when you are reviewing your donation on PayPal and tell us which program you would like to donate to. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a donation of any amount to CARE using your Visa, Discover, American Express, or Mastercard. A tax receipt will be e-mailed to you for your generous donation to CARE.

Donate by Mail

To send a donation to CARE by mail please address your envelope to:
245 County Road 3422
Bridgeport, TX 76426

Please print, fill out, and mail the Mail-In Donation Form with your donation.

CARE’s "You Choose The Donation Program"

CARE’s "You Choose The Donation Program" allows you to choose the way your funds are allocated. With your online or mail-in donation, you may specify which program below that you would like your donation funds allocated toward.

1. General Operating Fund

The greatest financial need at CARE is for General Operating Funds. These funds are allocated to the sanctuary’s area of greatest need at the time. CARE has great utility, fuel, housing, veterinary, habitat, enrichment, education, and research expenditures. With your gift to the General Operating Fund you will be enhancing the foundation on which CARE exists. Without General Funds, CARE can not survive.

2. Big Cat Veterinary Fund

This program assures that the cats will get the best medical attention possible. Dr. William McGee and the staff of Bridgeport Animal Hospital give graciously to the Big Cats of CARE. Unfortunately, some of the cats require more than a routine check up that requires vaccinations and deworming. Some even require surgery. The most expensive medical cost is medications, particularly with the very old and the very young. Some cats may even require specialists like dentists, neurologists, and ophthalmologists. If you choose to donate to this program, 100% of your gift will be used for the medical care of the Big Cats of CARE

3. Big Cat Habitat Fund

CARE’s current special project is the Big Cat Habitat program. We are presently looking for individuals and people willing to contribute to building the Big Cats new habitats. Many of the cats’ enclosures are outdated. They are not as functional as we would like them to be. If you are interested in giving a gift to the Big Cat Habitat Fund, let us know. If your business is willing to donate materials please contact us.

4. Planned Giving

Planned giving enables you to give gifts of assets that benefit your family now and in the future. There are gifts that will help CARE for many generations to come. Planned gifts include gifts through your will, charitable gift annuities, gifts of life insurance, pooled income funds and charitable trusts. Plus, planned gifts provide enhanced tax benefits and some return on income to you, the donor. We’ll gladly assist you in finding possibilities that best suit your situation, and we’ll make the process of giving simple by working with you and your advisers. To learn more about planned giving opportunities, please contact us.

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