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Sex: Female
Born: 2005
Loving Adoptive Parent: Lisa Kittredge - Addison, TX
Bindi arrived at CARE in March, 2013. She had come from a family here in Texas, but her owner could no longer keep her and contacted CARE to provide this little coati a home. 

Bindi was built a nice, natural enclosure right next the CARE's ring-tail lemur troop. But since she spent her first 8 years as a pet, and is used to being near people, she much prefers a spot in an indoor/outdoor Vet Center enclosure. Up there, she gets to see everything going on and gets lots of interaction with the interns and volunteers. When it is cold out (to her, anything less than 80 degrees is cold) you will find her snuggled up in blankets inside her heated igloo. She will pop her head out to get some scratches or her favorite treats.
Like her South American relatives, Bindi is playful and curious. Coatis are relatives of raccoons and share many of the same traits. The biggest difference is the amazingly long nose that can rotate 180 degrees that coatis use to dig and root for food!

Bindi coati

Bindi sitting in her favorite window in the Vet Center

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We often call Flash a ladies’ man. One reason for that is that many of the female CAREtakers here love his lovable, handsome, and playful nature. However, there is another reason for it that many of you may not know about. Years ago, Flash had an enclosure-mate named Lilly. She was stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly about 9 years ago from congenital heart failure. It was very sad for everyone, especially those that witnessed the way Flash and Lilly were with each other. You have never seen such a loving pair. The two were inseparable, and took such good care of each other. He recovered from the loss better than expected and now gets the adoration from the female volunteers. But, we all miss seeing the love that these two had for each other. #tbt ... See MoreSee Less

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