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Urgent Veterinary CARE Fund

CARE is incredibly fortunate to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!  Ten years of providing world class guardianship to some of the world’s most beautiful & rare creatures is a feat we can all be proud of. It is tremendously difficult for a non-profit to simply survive the first few years of its existence, but to have received years of critical support from you - support that has allowed us to reach this milestone- is something truly extraordinary. We’ve battled long and hard to keep this top-notch organization alive and its residents safe.


However, we at CARE are now battling a foe that no one can defeat - time.


The aging process is working full force on CARE’s animals, and over half of our resident big cat population is now considered geriatric.  These are animals that we promised to keep safe, happy, and healthy. While we are 100% dedicated to providing them with the absolute best veterinary care & advanced husbandry possible, we are left with a huge problem- vet care for these animals is not cheap, and the bills are adding up.


CARE prides itself on going to extraordinary lengths in order to preserve the health & comfort of these animals that rely on us for their well-being. For years this task has been manageable with only occasional large vet bills. However, we have reached a point where we have so many animals needing age-related treatments (and even more needing treatment in the future), that our ability to fund these medical expenses is severely diminished.  If we continue in this situation, we will encounter situations where there are somber consequences for animals that could still have many miles left to run.


The bottom line is that we need financial assistance immediately AND on an on-going basis. We do not have the funds in the bank to pay for the procedures that are needed immediately, let alone all the future care that will be needed. The cats and lemurs at CARE desperately need your help. We are officially sending out an S.O.S. to you, our supporters. If you can give, now is the time. We have listed the cats below that need treatment immediately and what that treatment is so you can see the severity of the situation.


Flash: Needs a tumor removed from his eye to determine if it is malignant.



Savanna: Needs to have her left eye removed due to an old injury.  The eye was fine until recently and is now causing her discomfort and visibility issues.



Sampson: Needs a CT of his neck to see if there is an injury or if his increasing instability is due to his juvenile Vitamin A deficiency issues.



Roscoe and Jaker (Lemurs): Both of the youngest lemurs need to be neutered before they reach sexual maturity.




Spotty: Needs his back x-rayed. He is experiencing significant back pain and we need to locate the source so we can treat it before he becomes completely immobile.


Selena, Majanna, and Milo: All three cats had been declawed before they came to us. Declawing big cats is an awful procedure that causes an incredible amount of pain and issues later in life. All three cats may be young and healthy enough to have a declaw repair surgery that could potentially add pain free years on to their lives.



Levi, Arctic and Zeus: All three cats need dental procedures due to cracked teeth and exposed pulp causing them pain when they eat.



*It is $500 for just the blood work and sedation on each of these animals (with the exception of the lemurs which will run a few hundred dollars each for the entire neuter). That is almost $6,000 ONLY TO PREPARE most of them for surgery!


For this reason, we have setup a Veterinary CARE Fund. We need funding for the care of these animals as soon as possible! Please consider giving generously as every single one of these animals needs your help.


You can make your donation through PayPal below or mail a check or money order to CARE at the address below.



245 County Road 3422

Bridgeport, TX 76426

As always, take CARE!


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