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You are here: We Are THANKFUL!


This Thanksgiving all of us at CARE are thankful for so many things, least of all the hard work and support of all our volunteers, donors, and visitors!

We ended up having the most successful Fall Festival ever this year. We had record breaking crowds.....










And tried out some new ideas, like bobbing for pumpkins with the cats......

Here is a recap of the event, fun was had by all!!

Everyone who helped out, came out to the event, donated, participated in our raffle, and helped get the word out helped the center raise over $14,000!!! That funding will not only help us get through the winter months when donation and tours are slow, but it will help us get some much needed projects done around the compound. A very special thanks goes to the Bridgeport Index and Wise County Messenger who featured the event in their papers. We have to also mention the AMAZING front page article that the Fort Worth Star Telegram published on our annual fundraiser. Because of them we met so many new people who have never heard of us before!

We also had a very successful raffle this year, the first time ever doing it strictly online, and we are happy to announce the winners HERE!

Last, but not least, we had the grand-opening of our new Welcome Center during the Fall Festival and we cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it was! We had an area for people to come in out of the not-so-nice weather we experienced for half of the dates, a gift shop where people could pick up our awesome new t-shirts with the designs from the t-shirt logo contest, and an office where we had a cash register and computers to help with checking people out and keeping everything organized. With as many people as we had this year, we honestly do not know how we would have managed it without this space!
















We have to make a HUGE point to thank everyone who worked on the Welcome Center in the months prior to the Festival:

Krista Cope, Dakota Krahn, Nicole Wahler, Triple B Builders (Bryan Berry Sr., Brian Berry Jr., and Richie), Dave Brown, Dustin Krahn, Ellie Opdahl, Darrion Riggs, Brad Higgins, Derek Krahn, Denice and Rich Hazlewood, 84 Lumber in Chandler, AZ, Heidi Krahn, Nicole Lounsbury, Ashley Morales, Daniel Byrum, Melanie Quain, and Destiny Krahn.

Also, thank you to David Hancock and many others for completing the new lemur expansion at the same time construction was going on with the Welcome Center. And thank you to J.D. and Lisa Thompson for donating a huge, beautiful executive desk for the Welcome Center office.

We know we are missing many who also helped, and especially those who contributed financially to the project. Thank you, thank you, thank you, again and again for your generosity. We are entering a new phase at CARE, and it is so exciting. We have healthy and happy animals, with full bellies and a safe and loving future ahead of them. We absolutely, without a doubt, could not be where we are today without each and every one of you.

So, again, this Thanksgiving we are giving thanks for YOU!

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