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You are here: Thank you Bridgeport ES 2nd Grade!

Thank you Bridgeport ES 2nd Grade!

The 2016 2nd grade class at Bridgeport Elementary School presented CARE's executive director with a check for $1,123 for the adoption of Boomer this year. The money was raised by the class as they learned about big cats.

The 2nd grade class came out to CARE for a tour earlier this month and now each have a pass so that they can come out with their family and introduce them to their new adopted tiger.

Photo May 25, 4 43 18 PM
Photo courtesy of Derek Krahn

The kids also participated in a big cat themed coloring and essay contest. The winners in each category will have their work displayed in CARE's Welcome Center for all to enjoy.

We want to thank the teachers, administrators, parents, and especially the kids for their amazing gift to CARE!

Photo May 25, 9 12 39 AM

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