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Tazz Moves In!


Tazz, one of our beloved mountain lions, has been moved into the Vet Center to enjoy the comforts that it provides. Tazz suffers from severe arthritis as well as pain from being declawed and had much difficulty coping with the large size of the enclosure he shared with Beauty and Majanna. While the move took some time for Tazz to adjust to, he seems to have settled into the cozy life of a Vet Center cat quite well. He absolutely loves having a soft mattress, pillows, stuffed animals, and a near constant stream of attention from interns and volunteers. Tazz is living the life in his new 5-star resort- getting fresh sheets, blankets, and pillows daily. He also has his own litter box outside, which he has begun to use regularly – the interns (who are responsible for keeping his new accommodations clean) really appreciate that! Tazz is CARE’s largest mountain lion, weighing in at close to 230 lbs, but he still makes tiny baby squeaks when greeting his CAREgivers.

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We just can't believe that this goofy, fuzzy, three-legged treasure is turning 2 years old today!! Happy birthday Dahlia!! And happy Valentine's Day to all of you! xoxo #llama #rescue ... See MoreSee Less

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Work on the new structures is really coming along! Volunteers Julia and Madison and Intern Manisha painted the indoor housing for Araali and Zuberi.

Outside, volunteers Shawn and David and Intern Devin painted Boomer and Slade's enclosure.

Jeff Parker (the same gentleman that made CARE's new metal signs) welded the new fence between Araali and Zuberi's enclosure and the new guest suites with the help of Dakota and Dustin Krahn and their friends Jacob and Ryan.

A lot of work got done today all because of the amazing people that came together to do it. They deserve a round of applause! 👏🏻 Thank you everyone for all the hard work making the best home possible for the cats!
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The bidding ends tomorrow in the CARE Animal Art Auction!

We have 9 amazing works from Bindi, Araali and Zuberi, the lemurs, and Tawney available at

We want the money raised to go towards a new John Deere gator for facility maintenance, cleaning, and feeding or for a 6 seater golf-cart (so that people with disabilities or difficulty walking can tour the compound). Help CARE and get a one-of-a-kind piece of art!!
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Akisa stepped outside and saw the weekend on the horizon and it was beautiful!!! Happy Friday CARE friends! #lemursofinstagram ... See MoreSee Less

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