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Sabre Gives Time Together at CARE

Every year Sabre Holdings shows their goodwill by holding a global volunteer week they call “Give Time Together”. This week of service is a chance for their staff and customers around the world to get out and help their local communities. Sabre's offices are in Southlake, Texas, so they do a lot of work in the North Texas region. This spring a great group of 30-40 Sabre employees came out to CARE to volunteer for the day. This amazing group of people accomplished so much in just the one day they were with us, including:

· Bringing out lots of chicken legs to feed the cats

· Designing and constructing a new Koi pond by the Lemur enclosure

· Planting vegetation and flowers around the facility

· Cleaning, painting, digging, and doing anything else that needed attention

We at CARE are so thankful to have had this tremendous team out to visit and help beautify the facility. Thank you so much Sabre! We look forward to seeing you again!

*If you are interested in scheduling a volunteer day for a your group, please contact us.

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