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Operation Cool Cats Update

CARE announced it's Operation Cool Cats project over 2 years ago and since then the project has raised thousands of dollars to help us implement tools that will help the big cats battle the brutal Texas summer heat. In the last two years, many of our cats have had in-ground pools installed and shade platforms constructed in their enclosures.

Kate inspects roof May 2014 Derek K

Kate inspects her new roof on part of her enclosure. She has a pool in there too!

2014-05-24 Flash New Pool

 Flash in his new pool!

photo 2

Levi, Bonnie, and Clyde all squezed into their pool together which is located under their huge shade platforms that double as perches and scratching posts.

Chompers new pool

Chompers somehow fits his huge frame in his pool with his ball.

photo 5

Even African Lion Mwali thought a pool was pretty neat!

Protecting our aging and special needs cat population from the sun and heat is one of the biggest things we can do to ensure their comfort and health long-term.

The project is still going strong! We just installed amazing shade tarps in-between many of the enclosures. These tarps will not only shade previously unprotected areas of the cats' enclosures, especially during the late afternoon when the heat is the worst, it will protect our volunteers when they are cleaning and tour groups when they are walking around the compound visiting the residents.

And now, Operation Cool Cats is not just for the big kitties! The lemurs are getting in on the action with their very own tarps. However, we think they missed the point. They seem to prefer to be on top of the tarps and use them as trampolines rather than sit in the shade below. Oh well, now we can consider it enrichment too!


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