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New Etsy Store!

We are happy to announce the opening of CARE's Etsy Store!

In addition to the auctions and raffles that we occasionally hold, we decided to open up a store where you can get a memento from CARE at any time.

Currently we have about 100 foot prints available, some in multi-colors, and even some that have a space so you can add your hand print beside them (shown).

Most of the paw prints are from a few of the cats that have sadly left us, like Kate, Rascal, and Tabula. Other paw prints, like Acari's, were taken during a minor surgery months ago. There are only a limited number of each cat's prints. We are glad we have something we can offer those of you that want to honor their memory and keep a part of them with you always.

Of course, all of the paw prints are available for a donation that will go directly back into the care of the animals here. You can check out our store at!


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