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You are here: Meet Mwali: CARE's Newest Edition

Meet Mwali: CARE's Newest Edition

Ever since our single lioness cub Noel was born on Christmas day 2011, CARE has been concerned about her growing up alone. Lions are incredibly social animals and normally live in family groups, called prides, in the wild. Without the company of others of her kind, Noel would be very lonely and would not develop emotionally the way a young lion should. An answer to this predicament came when we were asked to take in a 3 month old male lion in June of this year.

Our first glimpse of Mwali

This little bundle of fur came from a private interest group that was looking for a permanent home where the little guy would receive the best possible care as he grew up. We knew that he would find just that, and we also knew how important it would be for both him and Noel to grow up and live their lives with another lion- each other. The choice to bring him to CARE was obvious. We now have a new resident and his name is Mwali.

On the car ride to his new home at CARE

We were so excited to get Mwali settled into his new home and he has been adjusting wonderfully!

Mwali got his name from an old Swahili word for “flame” and boy does he live up to it! Even though he is dwarfed by the (then) six month old Noel, he doesn't let her bully him one bit! He has a fiery spirit, but he is also a sweetheart. He loves to sit on his CAREkeepers' laps and grunt and whine and get attention from them whenever he can. No one seems to mind, and they wouldn't dare turn him down. After all, he won't stay small forever.

Mwali being cute during his first few days at CARE!

Mwali is a wonderful addition to our CARE family and will grow up to be big and strong alongside Noel. It is such a joy to see our two cubs bonding and we look forward to their future and happiness together.

Noel and Mwali are currently living in a temporary enclosure that includes a tree-house with a bed, plenty of toys and even air-conditioning! Once they are a little bigger they will be getting a brand new permanent enclosure to call home.

Mwali and Noel in their enclosure

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