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Lion Around Photography

During Krista Cope's internship here at CARE in the Spring of 2012, we all learned that in addition to being a fantastic CAREtaker, she was also a very talented photographer. Krista has a great eye, especially when it comes to photographing animals.

During Krista's internship and during subsequent visits, Krista has taken a lot of photos of CARE's animals. Now she is ready to share her talent with everyone. Krista has started a Facebook page for "Lion Around Photography", her photography business venture. She is now selling her photographs! And, she has been very generous in offering to donate a portion of the sales to CARE!

If you go to her Facebook page, you can order any picture from the CARE album (just send her a message letting her know what you want and she will work out the details with you). You can get any size you want up to 16 x 24. Her prices are listed below and she can take payments through PayPal. Krista will give 20% of each sale to CARE.


So, please go to her Facebook page and look through her amazing photos. While you are at it, please "Like" her page. You should follow her on Instagram as well @kristacope, she is always adding new photographs of CARE's beautiful animals there as well. Krista is even running a contest on Instagram right now. If you are artistic, you draw one of CARE's cats and post it to Instagram. Tag @kristacope as well as #CAREartchallenge so she can see what you created. She will choose 4 finalists and they will be voted on though Instagram. The winner will receive a free print of one of her photos of your favorite CARE cat! You can enter through April 12th. Don't forget to tag @carerescuetexas too so we can see what you are creating!

Thanks Krista for always helping CARE!


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