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Lemur Update

We are getting very excited about our new residents, 5 Ring-tailed lemurs, that are coming to CARE very soon!

We have had a lot to do in order to prepare for their arrival, including research, raising funds to buy materials for their enclosure and building the habitat that will be their new home at CARE.

We also wanted to offer up a great opportunity to people who were interested in adopting a lemur. The normal monthly donation for a lemur adoption will be $50. However, for anyone willing to donate $500 up front to help pay for the initial materials and construction, will not only have their adoption paid in full for the year, but will be able to NAME their lemur! How exciting is that?

Four of the five lemurs have already been adopted. But, we still have one more that needs a loving parent(s). If you are interested in adopting the remaining lemur, please contact us.

The lemur enclosure is really coming along as well. The main structure has been completed and fencing is being put up. The indoor housing structure that will be heated to keep the primates warm during the colder months is almost done. We are still working on installing platforms, nesting areas, and lots of ropes for them to swing on.

Due to overwhelming amount of work that had to be done in a very short time period, the lemurs’ arrival has been delayed a week. They are now scheduled to arrive on the 13th. You can see some our progress on the habitat in the pictures below. We still have a lot to do, and the lemurs are coming so soon, so please let us know if you can help. We can use as many hands on deck as possible to make sure that these cute little guys have the best home possible!





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