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Lacy's Hope

Lacy is a tiger who lived at CARE for 18 years before she passed away due to old age. She was one of the most beautiful and beloved cats to ever reside at the center but at the time, no one really knew the important role that Lacy would play in the future and that her legacy would be one of education, inspiration and hope.
In her final days so many people came to visit her and frequently commented on how gorgeous she was and how much of a shame it would be that no one could ever experience her beauty once she was gone. An idea for a unique educational program formed that would allow Lacy to live on and share her beauty with others for years to come. After her death, her body was preserved so she could continue to educate and inspire hope for the future of all Big Cats.
Since Lacy's passing, she has become an important participant at many of CARE's events both on-site and off. She provides an opportunity to learn and experience her species in an entirely new way.
Impact of Touch in Learning
It is well known that the things we learn as children shape our lives as adults. When we have amazing sensory experiences while we’re young, it has a lasting impact on us for the rest of our lives.
CARE’s hope is for people, particularly children, to experience the softness of a tiger’s fur that once kept it warm, to feel a tiger’s whiskers that once guided them, and to touch the points of a tiger’s dagger-sharp claws that helped feed and defend it. These experiences will hopefully fill many hearts with the desire to become active in the plight of the Big Cat.
Education without Danger
Education is a core practice at CARE, but for obvious reasons, human interaction with live big cats is dangerous, particularly for children. This program allows touch and intimate closeness but takes the danger out of the learning experience.
Lacy allows CARE to visit classrooms and other venues with a physical learning tool that provides a safe opportunity to discover more about these animals.
A very special opportunity that we have with Lacy is a tactile experience for individuals that are sight impaired so that they may experience these magnificent creatures through touch.
For Information About the Program
If you are interested in the Lacy’s Hope program please contact us.
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