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Happy Volunteer Week

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers are the backbone of CARE. We simply can never give as much thanks to our dedicated volunteer team as they deserve. But, we did want to call attention to a few things that you may not know so you can see how absolutely invaluable our volunteer family members are!

CARE houses over 40 exotic animals that need daily (and sometimes hourly) care on over 22 acres, welcomes thousands of visitors every year for educational tours, and over $150K a year to care for the animals. This is an enormous task, yet CARE only has two full-time paid staff members – and we only began paying them in the last 6 months!

Everyone else that cleans and repairs enclosures, distributes medications, prepares food and feeds the animals, refills water buckets 2-3x daily, develops and implements enrichment activities for the animals, conducts tours, does general facility maintenance, organizes and works on- and off-site events, maintains CARE’s website and social media accounts, does school visits, seeks out funding and donations, takes photos, answers emails and calls, and is involved with nearly every single other activity necessary to provide daily care for the animals and run a non-profit is one of our 25 active volunteers and interns and 10-15 special events volunteers whose average tenure is 5 years (although we have many who have been volunteering for longer than 10 years – special shout-out to Lisa, JD, Claude, Curtis, and Derek K).

That is an incredible amount of work for a very small number of people which is a testament to how dedicated they all are to the animals here. All the blood, sweat, and tears shed by this group is done for the animals that they love.

Not just this week, but in the coming months we will be sharing with you stories right from our volunteers’ mouths so that you can hear about CARE from their point of view. They all have amazing tales to tell.

To our volunteers: you have chosen to dedicate your time and love to beings that can never thank you in words. But, we hope you see how much they love and appreciate you in their eyes! Thank you for all that you do for them!


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