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Guess Who's Coming To CARE!

Lemurs! The Center for Animal Research and Education is happy to announce that we will become a permanent home to five Ring-tailed Lemurs. The Lemurs (4 males and 1 female) will be arriving on December 6th. The group of 3 year olds were in desperate need of a home, and there was not much time to find them one, so we have a lot to do in only 3 weeks!

Right now, our main focus is building their enclosure, and it is going to be awesome! There will be so much space to run, jump and climb. They will also have an indoor enclosure that is heated during the winter months. We plan to make their new home amazing and have scheduled the construction date for the day after Thanksgiving. But, in order to complete this task, we need your help! Our goal is to raise $5,000 dollars to buy all of the materials necessary to construct their enclosure. Any help that you can provide will help us immensely.

And, in preparation for the Lemurs' arrival, we are offering an amazing chance to become a part of their new lives here at CARE. You can become an Adoptive parent to one of the 5 ring-tails. The Adoption donation will be $50 a month to help provide them with food, medical attention and care. Now this is the really exciting part-The first five people who donate $500 before Thanksgiving to help build the enclosure will not only have their donation cover the first year of their adoption, but will also get to name their Lemur! How cool is that? Please contact us if you are interested in adopting and naming a Lemur. We will only be offering this opportunity until Thanksgiving, so don't wait!

We are also looking for help with the following items, if you are interested, please contact Heidi.

Ropes (lots and lots of ropes for climbing and swinging)

Materials for platforms and outside dens

Labor to help construct the enclosure on 11/25

Help building the outside den boxes

Donation of other enrichment items

We are so excited to be able to take in these amazing creatures and can't wait to see how they like their new home, now we just need to build it before they get here!

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