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Fundraising Success!

Big cats in captivity need a lot of specialized care, including exceptional enclosures that will provide them with the space, enrichment, and protection that they need to be happy and healthy. Lion cubs Araali and Zuberi are now 16 months old and tiger cubs Boomer and Slade are 11 months old and they all need permanent enclosures to fit their individual needs!

Lion Enclosure - Site

In September, CARE launched its most ambitious fundraiser ever aimed at raising $80,000 to build new housing. The fundraiser was also the first time that the organization used a crowd-funding platform through Indiegogo. The goal was to raise the amount needed in one month so that preparations could being as soon as possible to break ground on the new structures.

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This project is not just a nice to have for the cubs, it is a have to have. With the lions' health issues with Wobbler's Syndrome and new USDA requirements that require updated building specs, we need these special enclosures built as soon as possible.

Photo Jun 16, 10 45 14 AM
At the close of the campaign, CARE not only reached the lofty goal, but surpassed it! The official total amount raised through Indiegogo ended up being a staggering $86,429. That also does not include a few thousand more that came in outside of the Indiegogo platform. The CARE staff has been overwhelmed by the support this campaign recieved. To know that the animals at CARE are loved by so many, and that all 1,280 people that donated are investing in their futures, is amazing.

The following people are just a portion of those that contributed to this project, but there are many more that donated, spread the word, and sent their support. We thank EVERYONE from the bottom of our hearts for making such a difference in Boomer, Slade, Araali, and Zuberi's lives! We will be posting updated and pictures as we break ground in November!!

Thank you to the following contributers, and many more who are unnamed!

Aaron D Bourne, Adam G. Van Kirk, Adam Heim, Adam Holley, Adam Kozak, Adam Patrick DeLand, Adam Van Kirk, Alana Vester, Alecae Alaysia, Alejandra Garcia, Alejandro Ramirez, Alex Hinga, Alexandra Duca, Alexandra Wilkison, Alexx Marshall, Alexxis A., Alicia Bourgeois, Alicia Mraz, Alicia Neal, Alicia Neal, Alisa Gromova, Alison Dube, Alissa Polley, Alissa Polley, Allison D'Arat, Allison Greene, Allison Hagler, Allison Leslie, Allison Theirrien, Allyson Lewark, Almeda Golden, Alyson Palmer, Alyssa Slachta, Alyssa Stegner, Alyssa Ziegenhorn, Amanda Aschenbrenner, Amanda Daniels, Amanda Fall, Amanda Groover, Amanda Humble, Amanda Priego, Amber Prairie, Ambyr Dornauer, Amelia Von Lee, Amy Bachman, Amy Bachman, Amy Bertolini, Amy Phillips, Amy Pike, Amy Reason, Amy Renaud, Amy Victoria Regis, Amy Weirs, Ana Urrego, Anastasia Riabkova, Andie Langford, Andrea McSherry, Andrea McSherry, Andrew Wagstaff, Andy and Amy Basore, Andy Yanacek, Angel Holmes, Angela Bonilla, Angie Norton, Anida Sirivong, Ann Dvorak, Ann Worley, Anna Schoess, Anne DiMattia, Annette Cross, Annette Spetrino, Annie Speck, Anthony Galvan, Anthony Hranitzky, Antoinette Costales, April Baello, April Baello, Arthur Litke, Ashes DiMaria, Ashlee Montgomery, Ashlee Thomson, Ashley Backstrom, Ashley Pickering, Ashley Ulsh, Ashley Zuefle, Aubrey Snodgrass, Audra Stallard, Audrey David, Becca Sergent, Becky Willard, Ben Templeton, Bernadette Ramos, Beth Christiaans, Beth Marcus & Suzie M., Beth Storhoff, Beth Trussell, Bethany Williams, Birgitta Johnson, Brad Yasar, Brandy Carver, Breanna Burk, Bree Sontheimer, Brendan Curran, Brendan Lusk, Brett Cary, Brian Abueg, Brian Anderson, Brian Peters, Brian Tietze, Brianne Wallegham, Bridey Murphy, Brioney Ellington, Brittani Dreer, Brittany Case, Brittany Curtis, Brittany Lasko, Brittany Lasko, Brittany Paddock, Brooki Everett, Brookie Judge, Brynn Herndon, Bryony White, Burt Smith, Caitlin Bush, Caitlin Ceynar, Caitlin Vest, Caitlyn Johnson, Callie Shilling, Calum Barnett, Camilla Smith, Carl Cormier, Carl Gilchrist, Carla Bonney, Carly Orchard, Carol Churchey, Carol Money, Caroline Parks, Carrie Soom, Carrie-Lynne Sorvari, Casey-Anne Tucker, Cassandra Baez, Cassandra Mea, Cassandra Whan, Catherine Anderson, Catherine Schlecht, Céline Jacqueroud, Chad Tokach, Charles Schrier, Charlotte Nottingham, Chelsea Mortimer, Chelsea Mortimer, Chelsea Reynolds, Chelsea Theriault, Chelsea Theriault, Chevaux-Lancelot, Chris Bangham, Chris Sullens, Chrissie Sargent, Chrissy Parker, Chrissy Wahl, Christa Wallis, Christina Joseph, Christine Hoag, Christine Joseph, Christine Summers, Christopher Ridenour, Christy Decker, Cindee Hoff, Cinnamon L Sullivan, Claire Docherty, Claire Low, Claire Powner, Clark Reynolds, Cleo Charland, Clifford Steven Morrison, Colleen Donovan, Colleen Jousma, Connie Zangara, Coral Leahy, Corey Antonio, Cortnee Dempsey, Courtney Burkard, Courtney Rose, Courtney Smith, Courtney Soto, Cristina Gonzalez, Crystal Shelton, Crystal Simons, Crystal Guarisco, Cydni Hildreth, Cyndi Knorr, Daniel Byrum, Daniel Durand and Serena Rodriguez, Daniela Castro, Daralyn Kingma, Darby Talbert and Michael Pignone, Darcie McDougall, David Bitting, David Johnson, David Levison, Dawn Oliver, Deanna England, DeAnna Kettler, Deanne Crosby, Debbi Everitt, Debbie Fuson, Debbie Godley, Deborah F. Williams, Deborah Stonum, Denna Dom, Denny Ayala, Desiree Luna, Desiree Purdie, Dexter Grabowski, Diana Kelsey, Doug Pendleton, Douglas Nelson, Dustin DeSoto, Dustin Nguyen, Eddie Bonner, Eduardo Lavin Garcia, Eileen Hamblin Steffen, Elaine Gillmore, Elena Buck, Elise Bohning, Elise Carter, Elise Rosberg, Eliza Macdonald, Elizabeth Gonzales, Elizabeth H Burns, Elizabeth Johnson, Elizabeth Williamson, Ellie Jones, Ellie Severson, Elora Maisenhelder, Em Peach, Emily Bragg, Emily Brown Morgan, Emily Draper, Emily Fairbanks, Emily Gill, Emily Lopez, Emily Meier, Emily Paez, Emily Rose, Emily Shelton, Emily Thompson, Emily Ziemer, Emma Alimi, Emma Stein-De Turck, Emma-Lea Davis, Erica Greene, Erica M. Devore, Erik Lund, Erika Graybiel, Erika Mathre Peters, Erika Tapper, Erika Wheldrake, Erin A., Erin Devine, Erin McGuire, Eszter Gerocz, Evan M. Campbell, Evan Melick, Evelyn Jones, Gabriella Matera, Gabrielle Davis, Gabrielle Marquard, Gabrielle Rock, Gabrielle Simpson, Geoffrey Steinberg, George Gu, Georgeanne Snelling, Georgia Crean, Ginger Parker, Giselle Elizondo, Grace Higham, Greg Schneider, Guardian Lion, Hailey Hudson, Haley Shaw, Hannah Fox, Hannah Friend, Hannah Karban, Hannah Karban, Harry Block, Heather Armstrong, Heather Dodge, Heather Dodge, Heather Fischer, Heather Hall, Heather Paulson, Heather Skorjanc, Heather Thompson, Heidi Österholm, Holly Tonini, Irene M. Hughes, Iwona Stanek, Jacey Mayronne, Jaedyn Calcagno, James Signoretta, Jami Chambers, Jami Parks, Jane Benning, Janine Jenkins, Jarrod Bell, Jaseline Santiago, Jasmine Hensley, Jasmine Hensley, Jasmine Shaw, Jay Berlin, Jay Revels, Jaycee Rae, Jeanette Freed, Jen Glenn, Jenni Crewe, Jennifer Best, Jennifer Blackmon, Jennifer Bowen, Jennifer Clutter, Jennifer Crewe, Jennifer Csapo, Jennifer Cursio, Jennifer Drennan, Jennifer Flanigan, Jennifer Isaacson, Jennifer Saum, Jennifer Shultz, Jennifer Swarbrick, Jennifer Tisdale, Jenny Batchelor, Jenny Zurita, Jeremy Scanlan, Jeremy Scanlan, Jesica Courtney, Jess Ruiz, Jessica Atwood, Jessica Barringer, Jessica Gonzalez, Jessica King, Jessica M. Tebeau, Jessica Norvill, Jessica Purkey, Jessica Sanchez, Jill P. Felker, Jillisa Cutler, Jim Reynolds, Joan Conine, Joanne L. Pilot, Joe Hegyes, Joelle Dunn, Johanna Hollway, John Broome, John Hamiga, John J Stanzak, Jolene Gawrys, Jonathan Eloi Lantiegne, Jonathon Wolff, Jordan Melsoner, Jordan Parks, Jordan Weishner, Jordi Wilson, Joseph Jackson, Josephine Siu, Joshua Lucas, Joshua Sgroi, Josie Jimarez-Howard, Josie Mooring, Joy Kohlsaat, Juan Valenzuela Jr., Judith Berlin, Julia Skiles, Julie Maguire. Alexandra Gutierrez, Julie Malone, Julie Wesolowicz, Justin Cash, Kaelyn Swafford, Kaitlin Keeney, Kaitlin Mendez, Karen Aronson, Karen Egger, Karen Lachapelle, Karen Vandewalle, Kari King, Karla Flores, Kassandra Gauthier, Kassie Johnson, Kat Stevens, Kate Longfield, Kate Payne, Kate Pileski, Katelyn Wilkinson, Katherine Deneka, Katherine Dominguez, Katherine James, Katherine Musulin, Katherine Wasson, Kathleen Brady, Kathleen M McFarlane, Kathryn Coll, Kathy Kelehan, Kathy MacIntosh, Kathy Roper, Katie Iorio, Katie Jackson, Katie Lytle, Katie Lytle, Katie Maxey, Katie Meyer, Katrina Korb, Katrina Williams, Katy Hites, Katy Lzc, Kay Deli, Kayla Adams, Kayla Clark, Kayla Marie Clark (Care of Emily Bragg), Keiran Courville, Kelli Wainwright, Kellie Graham, Kelly Collett, Kelly Evans, Kelsey Butler, Kelsey Krimmer, Kelsey Metcalf, Kelsey Scholl, Kendall Cahill, Kendall Lanham, Kendra M Dixon, Kenzie Trezise, Keoni Morris, Kerri Wesley, Kerrie Parker, Kerry Coburn, Kerry Lennon, Kiersten Nicholson, Kim Boettcher, Kim Hutson, Kimberlee Olson, Kimberly Acker, Kimberly Cormier, Kimberly Swaner, Kimberly Wagner, Kira Kozak, Kori Johnson, Kristen Burch, Kristen Hicks, Kristen Kinsey, Kristen Mettler, Kristie Kroeger, Kristie Kroeger, Kristin Bengtson, Kristina Allen, Kristina Dols, Kristine Diedrich, Kristine Diedrich, Krystle Bartholomew, Kyle Bartolomei, Kyle Hatfield, Kyle Pagucci, Kylee Delvaux, Kyra Hazzard, L Albright, Lana Adames, Lane Binish, Lannie Roshelle Cervantes, Larissa Sayer, Laura Brown, Laura Christie, Laura Hickey, Laura Leader, Laura Lindauer, Laura Macias, Laurel Borreson, Lauren Hartley, Lauren Miller, Leanda Mangan, Leandra Lumagui, Leann Mai, Leia Sullivan, Leigh Jackson, Leighann Wisniewski, Leslie Cooper, Leslie Marshall, Lexi Johnson, Lexi Sherman, Lia Parker, Lia Parker, Libby Heisinger, Lina Kleinschmidt, Lindsay Deppen, Lindsay Frischmuth, Lindsay O'Day, Lindsay Smith, Lindsey Goodwin, Lindsey Wallace, Ling Jin, Lisa Barringer, Lisa Gruber, Lisset Najera, Liz Warren, Logan Turner, Loida de Jesus, Lori Uhing, Lorri and Gil Roberts, Lucy Zamora, Luna McMeen, Luuk Snel, Lyndsay Benson, Lyz Meyers, MacKenzie Grow, Madison O'Shields, Maggie Audley, Maggie MacDowell, Maggie Neal, Makenzie Harris, Mallory Lane Moore, Mallory Saia, Marc Roa, Margaret Jow, Maribel Alcala, Maricza Valentin, Marie McClintock, Marie-Laure Cantin, Marilyn Schluter, Mary Cipriano-Walter, Mary Gilcoine, Mary Keating, Mary Lewis, Mary Lou Nelson, Mary Olesky, Mary Traub, Matt Takimoto, Matthew Larsen, Matthew Schermerhorn, Maud Bernabe, Maudia Morris, MD, Meagan Meskill, Megan and Kristofer Zarling, Megan Brophy, Megan Cameron, Megan Hawkins, Megan Homan, Megan Parish, Megan Phillips, Megan Steinkerchner, Meghan Longhi, Meghann Smith, Melanie Burzlaff, Melanie Cohen, Melanie Janis, Melanie Ohnemus, Melanie Pendleton, Melanie Piccolo, Melinda Mann, Melinda Mountain, Melinda Stacer, Melissa Jacobs, Melissa L Reed, Melissa McDonald, Melissa Pilinger, Melody Capper, Meredith Wiggins, Michael Nicholas Triola, Michael Pekarcsik, Michelle and Amanda Seng, Michelle Barnes, Michelle Kennedy, Mikayla Placke, Missy Maria, Mitchell Thompson, Monica Gerber, Morag Mackay, Morgan Aguilar, Morgan Cavanaugh, Morgan Greenway, Morgan Hale, Morgan Stockman, Myndi Garcia, Myrna D Crane, Nadia Gutowski, Nadia Labeikovsky, Naïka Estriplet, Nallely Corral, Natalie Desrocher, Natalie Smith, Natasha Devins, Natasha Wadsworth, Nathan Roseborrough, Neminda Kasthurirathna, Ngarei Gow, Nichole Muzina, Nick Cheek, Nicky Carrott, Nicky Carrott, Nicole Coan, Nicole Collie, Nicole Davis, Nicole Dodd, Nicole Dore, Nicole Hyland, Nicole Sutherland, Nikki Moore and Family, Nora Wilkie, Olga A. Prokhorov, Olivia Dom, Olivia Halsey, Paige Besse, Paige Hall, Pamela Mattson, Pamela Watson, Parker Lewis, Paul Clark, Paul Wareham, Paula Mayhew, Paula Ulloa, Penny Carmichael, Rachael Peters, Rachel Dufrene, Rachel Dufrene, Rachel Flagg, Rachel Jo Price, Rachel Lane, Rachel Price, Rachel Rossetti, Rachel Taite, Rachel Tenenbaum, Rachel Whiting, Rasa Poorman, Razzie Barker, Rebecca Baty, Rebecca Edwards, Rebecca LeBlanc, Rebecca Ramm, Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Turner, Rebecca Wilson, Rebekah Ross, Regina Gill, Renate Brower, Rhys Jones, Richard I'Anson, Rick Rogers, Rima Lavine, Ris and Bill Allen, Robert Muzina, Robin Figueroa, Rosemary Beentje, Ruben Tejeda, Ruben& Carol Tirado, Ryan J Thrun, Ryan Noble, Ryan Noble, Sal Conrad and Melissa Martell, Sally Anderson, Sam Eberg, Samantha and David Hancock, Samantha Beeke, Samantha Lord, Samantha Overton, Samira Lamnouar, Sandra Jaquet, Sara Andrlik, Sara Freed, Sara Parsons, Sara Simonsen, Sarah Amann, Sarah Broge, Sarah Jean Coles, Sarah Parker, Sarah Prosser, Sarah Sparrowhawk, Sarah Trohiard, Sarah Vallinakis, Sarah Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Sascha Njaa, Scott Benning, Sean Daniels, Sean OHagen, Selena Rauenzahn, Selina Marie Roa, Shanna Harper, Shannon Dolan, Shannon Ortiz, Shannon Sweeney, Shari Augino, Sharra Myers, Shaundra Moniz, Shawn Brimmer, Shawn Kelly, Shayna Bell, Shelby Francis, Shelby Nayukok-Solski, Shelley Wilkes, Shelly Oxhandler, Sheryl Meador, Shirley Valonis, Skyla Goff, Sonja Smith, Sonnia Richards, Sophie Meyer, Sophie Quine, Stacey Devitt, Stacey Simins, Staci Dillard, Staci Egly, Stacia Tague, Stacy Looney, Steph Allison, Stephanie Cahoon, Stephanie Marotta, Stephanie McGivern, Stephanie Moore, Stephanie Morphew, Stephanie Potvin, Stephanie Ryder, Stephanie Veres, Steve Gare, Steven Ayotte, Susan Cahoon, Susan Connally, Susan Hogan, Susan Stamper, Susie Shatzsall, Susie Walker, Suzanne B. 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