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Fund-raising Focus: Perimeter Fence Project

Fund-raising Focus concentrates on the current specific needs of CARE. The current focus is on perimeter expansion.

For many years CARE has worked with limited physical space, and as a result we have had to say ‘no’ to most rescue requests for cats that desperately need homes. It is very difficult knowing that CARE, which may be their last chance for survival, is incapable of taking in these deserving animals because of our current facility limitations. Homes for big cats are getting fewer and further in-between as zoo and sanctuary closures have become an unfortunate, yet common, occurrence. We have anxiously wanted to do more but have not been in the position to do so until recently.

Exciting new goals have been met which have made the expansion possible. CARE has completed payments on an adjacent 10 acre plot of land and presently has no outstanding debt. Another pivotal change has been the drilling of a new series of facility water wells to augment and greatly enhance our water capabilities. Lastly, Sheppard Air Force Base has volunteered 40 of their airmen to provide the labor necessary to complete the 15 acre expansion project on September 9th. The expansion will more than double the area available for new big cat enclosures and will open the possibilities of improving our current enclosures.

If you have any questions or wish to help raise these funds please contact us. You can make a donation through PayPal from almost any page on this website or by going to the Help CARE section. Please help us meet our goal!

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