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CARE's New Arrivals

Just in time for the holidays, CARE is so happy to share a little joy!

Although we have had our hands full for the last few months, we can't forget what our mission and purpose is here at CARE. We are here to provide animals in need with the best quality and most loving home and care that can be provided. So, when we were contacted by an individual with two baby tiger cubs looking for a good, life-long home, we could not say no.

Please meet these two (yet unnamed) baby boy tigers. They are 8 weeks old, and to say they are a handful is an understatement! But, they are healthy, happy, and completely adjusted to their new home and CAREtakers (and they are just about the most precious little snufflers in the world).

We will be giving you lots more information (and pics) very soon, so we ask that you please be patient with us on questions about the cubs. We have a big cat daycare situation going on, and on top of caring for 50 other adult animals, it is a struggle keeping up with inquires at the moment. Stay tuned and we promise you will see and hear a lot of more of these two!

These boys are spunky and are constantly on the move, but we were able to get them to sit still long enough for a quick photo session.

So, Season's Greetings from CARE's newest residents and all the other tigers, lions, leopards, llama, cougars, lemurs, and coati!


Photo Dec 15, 2 24 58 AM

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