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You are here: CARE says goodbye to Spotty and Beauty

CARE says goodbye to Spotty and Beauty

For anyone that has been a supporter of CARE for any amount of time will know by now that as time goes on, we are faced with saying goodbye to more and more of our beloved cats. The fact is, 32 of our 39 big cats that call CARE home are over 10 years old. Many of them are over the age of 15. Considering that big cats typically only live to their early teens in the wild, we are fortunate to have every single day that get with them. While their lifespan in captivity typically exceeds that of their lifespan in the wild, it still does not mean that they are here forever. We can't fight time, and it is taking a toll on our cats. We know that this is part of taking care of animals. We accept it as part of the deal, but it is never easy.

However, when we have cats live to 18, 19, and even 20 years old, we feel we have done our job in giving them the best care possible. In fact, we are becoming specialists in geriatric big cat care. We take a lot of pride in how we care for our aging cats and the lengths we will go to in order to keep them healthy and happy. But sometimes, doing our best is not enough and it is just their time to go.

Just recently we have lost two of our eldest cats. Our dear, sweet leopard Spotty left us on February 15th, 2014. Spotty was almost 18 years old and was suffering from a very painful back problem.

Spotty by Stephanie Cahoon 1

The oldest cat at CARE, mountain lion Beauty, followed him exactly one month later on March 15th. Beauty was three weeks away from her 20th birthday. We will miss them both greatly, and their presence will never leave us at CARE.

Beauty by Chrissie Sargent

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