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CARE Gets New Pools!

It is no secret that this summer has been record breaking. With the excessive heat and the prolonged drought, CARE has been experiencing many challenges this year. One of which is how to keep the cats cool during the day. Our interns and volunteers work tirelessly to keep cool water in the cats' water buckets and spray down our tigers several times a day with the water hoses. But with all of the other tasks that need to be done, this is a time consuming effort. The best solution is to provide the tigers with wading pools that they can get in and out of at their leisure. However, these pools are costly. With the generous assistance from many donors, especially the adoptive parents of Princess, Consuela, Kira and intern Laura's mom, we were able to put a swimming pool in every cats' enclosure. Thank you very much. The heat does not seem so bad when the kitties all have cool water to lay in.

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