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An Intern's Life

CARE's intern program is one of the backbones of the organization. Three times a year CARE accepts applications for 1-4 intern positions and chooses the best of the best to come and work at CARE for 4 months. The work is hard, the hours long (all day, every day), the learning curve great, and the pay is....nothing. That's right, the young people that come and give the big cats and lemurs of CARE their blood, sweat, and tears don't make any money. But, they do get an incredibly valuable education in animal husbandry and experience working with big cats. That experience and learning is priceless to these individuals who, many of them, are on their way into a career working in animal care and welfare. Our interns arrive wide-eyed and a inexperienced and leave as experts on animal care. The earn their "CARE muscles" honestly by putting in many hours of intensive work.

We receive a lot of applications to intern here at CARE. We thought it would be interesting for those interested in an internship here to see what it is all about. We also want our supporters to get a glimpse into the lives of the people that really help keep this facility running. There is no doubt about it, CARE would be nothing without our interns!

Our new intern Stephanie, started writing a blog about her CARE intern journey when she was first accepted at CARE. The blog chronicles her experiences and growth during her CARE stay. Plus it has lots of cute pictures of the animals. We urge everyone to read her journey so far and follow her for the length of her internship. Thanks Stephanie for letting people into the life of a CARE intern!!

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We often call Flash a ladies’ man. One reason for that is that many of the female CAREtakers here love his lovable, handsome, and playful nature. However, there is another reason for it that many of you may not know about. Years ago, Flash had an enclosure-mate named Lilly. She was stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly about 9 years ago from congenital heart failure. It was very sad for everyone, especially those that witnessed the way Flash and Lilly were with each other. You have never seen such a loving pair. The two were inseparable, and took such good care of each other. He recovered from the loss better than expected and now gets the adoration from the female volunteers. But, we all miss seeing the love that these two had for each other. #tbt ... See MoreSee Less

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Construction on the new enclosures for Araali, Zuberi, Boomer, and Slade and the new visitor suites is underway! ... See MoreSee Less

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Yolo. Just #yolo. #llama 📷: @bigcatderek ... See MoreSee Less

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Only 5 days left to bid in the CARE Animal Art Auction!

We have 9 amazing works from Bindi, Araali and Zuberi, the lemurs, and Tawney available at

We want the money raised to go towards a new John Deere gator for facility maintenance, cleaning, and feeding or for a 6 seater golf-cart (so that people with disabilities or difficulty walking can tour the compound). Help CARE and get a one-of-a-kind piece of art!!
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