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You are here: Ace Turns 20!

Ace Turns 20!

We just want to announce the very special birthday of CARE's oldest cat, black leopard Ace! Ace turned 20 on July 14th, 2016, which is a huge accomplishment!

Leopards live around 10-15 years in the wild, but can live up to 17-20 years in captivity. We are so happy to have such a distinguished older gentleman here at CARE.

Ace has spent his whole life at this facility. He was born here in 1996, as was his half-brother Spotty (both shown below as babies).

Ace spent many years with a female leopard named Shila. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2009.

Since then Ace has been a bachelor, which has been okay since he is a very independent and sometimes aloof, guy. However, he has a few favorite people that he enjoys spending time with. He particularly likes the ladies and can be downright "grumpy" towards many men. Many of our followers think that he is always a grump, but that is not the case! He can be an incredibly affectionate and lovely with his close friends.

With his beautiful dark coat, Frank Sinatra eyes, and unique look and personality, he is a very special guy. Happy birthday old man! We hope you have many more with us!

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