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The 2016 2nd grade class at Bridgeport Elementary School presented CARE's executive director with a check for $1,123 for the adoption of Boomer this year. The money was raised by the class as they learned about big cats.

The 2nd grade class came out to CARE for a tour earlier this month and now each have a pass so that they can come out with their family and introduce them to their new adopted tiger.

Photo May 25, 4 43 18 PM
Photo courtesy of Derek Krahn

The kids also participated in a big cat themed coloring and essay contest. The winners in each category will have their work displayed in CARE's Welcome Center for all to enjoy.

We want to thank the teachers, administrators, parents, and especially the kids for their amazing gift to CARE!

Photo May 25, 9 12 39 AM

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Many times what you read on the internet concerning big cats is full of fallacies, myths, and outdated information. But, we ran across an article that has fantastic information in it, and is fairly accurate! We wanted to share these 21 amazing facts about tigers with you (with a few small edits and notes)! They really are remarkable animals....but we have known that all along!

1. A tiger’s legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead…Tigers have been known to have been shot, bleed out, and die, all while standing up. Pretty crazy.


2. They are the largest of all the big cats, weighing up to 700 pounds

3. If you look a tiger in the eyes he is less likely to kill you…Tigers prefer to hunt by ambush. Because of this, men in India often wear masks on the back of their head with a second face to keep tigers from sneaking up on them.

4.Tigers are completely blind for the first week of their life. About half do not survive to adulthood


5. The white spot on the back of their ears is called an ocelli (eye-like marking)


6. Tigers have antiseptic saliva


7. Tiger’s tongues make our tongues look pretty sad…The tiger’s tongue is covered with numerous small, sharp, rear-facing projections called papillae. These papillae gives the tongue a rough, rasping texture and is designed to help strip the skin, feathers, fur and meat right off prey. They have been known to lick the paint right off the walls of their enclosures in the zoo.


8. Tigers are mostly solitary creatures…Tigers are solitary animals, and it is actually fairly rare to see them group together in the wild. The exception to this, of course, is a mother and her cubs.


9. They’re nicer than lions (when it comes to eating)…Unlike lions, who would fight to the death over a kill, when a tiger crosses paths with another tiger while hunting, they often share the meal together. Also, when several tigers are present at a kill, the males will wait for females and cubs to eat first, again, unlike lions, which do the opposite. Tigers rarely argue or fight over a kill and simply wait turns.


10. Tigers have very diverse diets…Tigers feed on deer antelope, wild boar, and buffalo. But did you know they also eat a variety of birds, fish, rodents, small elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, and even leopards?


11. Tigers do not normally view humans as prey…Tigers will only attack a human in the wild if they feel threatened. Or if they’re really really hungry and you look delicious. 😉 But seriously, if you were to ever encounter a tiger in the wild, slowly back far, far away while keeping eye contact with him. Chances are you’re in his territory and he wants you to leave more than he wants to eat you.

12. A backhand from a tiger can kill you…While tigers prefer to use their massive teeth to crush their victim’s neck (lovely!), a single strike is enough to do the job. One swipe from a tiger’s front paw is strong enough to smash a bear’s skull and even break its spine.


13. Tigers have been known to imitate the call of other animals to successfully attract prey


14. Tigers have a brain that weighs over 300g…It is one of the largest brains of all carnivores.


15. Tigers are adept swimmers…Unlike almost all other big cats (except jaguars), they enjoy bathing and often play in the water. As adults, they often swim several kilometers to hunt or to cross rivers.


16. They have an amazing short term memory…Cats in general have been found to have a better memory than most animals, being at least 200 times better than dogs. Tigers’ short-term memory alone lasts about thirty times longer than humans’, and their memories are made with stronger brain synapses, meaning that they can remember more and do not forget things as easily as we do. *We didn't find conclusive research data validating this, but we believe it! We have seen time and time again here at CARE how long the tigers remember things. Never upset a tiger, they will never forget that you did!


17. There were once nine subspecies of tigers: Now only 6 remain…Three subspecies of tiger have been killed off in the last 80 years.


18. The Balinese tiger was purposely hunted to extinction…Due to the Balinese cultural belief that tigers were a destructive force, they were culled until their extinction. Below is one of the few known photographs of a Bali tiger.


19. There are a greater number of tigers in captivity in the US alone than there are wild tigers left on earth. *This includes tigers in zoos, sanctuaries, as well as private ownership. And, this also includes all of the U.S., not just backyards in Texas which is a common myth.


20. The white tiger was eradicated in the wild due to trophy hunting or capture for the exotic pet ownership…There have been no recorded sightings of these rare Bengal tiger variants in the wild for the past 50 years. Today, the white tiger can only be found in captivity.


21. It has been estimated that the last remaining subspecies of tigers could become extinct in the wild in as little as 15 years…We have lost 97% of the wild tiger population in the last century, and numbers continue to get lower.


Original content found at

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May 1, 2001 - May 4, 2016
Loving Adoptive Parents: Christopher, Kathleen and Donovan Ray of Dallas, TX

From Heidi Krahn, Executive Director and Founder

Dearest Rascal,

In the past two weeks it as though I have been carrying the weight of the world around on my shoulders.  I know that you know things are not the same.  Losing your lifelong mate Kate has been difficult, but there is more.  You have been feeling weaker every day.  Food does not taste the same.  Some days you can hardly get out of bed.  The worst part is that your boo-boos are growing really fast.  I see it in your eyes… but I don’t want to spend one sad moment with you. I have wasted so many days living in dread of death that I missed the beautiful days that could have been spent with others who have passed.

Your CAREgivers and I decided to give you the most fantastical birthday ever.  What a special day it was.  You didn’t know it was going to be your last and I tried to pretend I didn’t know.  I made the decision to surround you with all the magical things that made your life perfect…the things that makes CARE so perfect!

Photo May 01, 6 15 43 PM

Snuffels, toys, turkey cake and most importantly all the love any tiger could want or need.  You see it isn’t often we CAREgivers know that it would be a last birthday.  In a way we all received a gift on your birthday.  You laid by the fence for hours while we all kissed and loved you.  You were so strong that day.  It was a perfect day.  You reminded us all of your strong younger days before cancer began destroying your incredible body.

Photo May 01, 6 15 52 PM

I don’t know if people understand how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye.  I was there they day you were born. You took my breath away that day and continue to do it now even if it is only in my memory of you.  You have blessed so many people with your magnificence and beauty.  CARE and the world has lost a puzzle piece.

I would like to share your gift to me to others.  I wish that every person would treat the ones that they love with joy and happiness every day.  Don’t ever waste a day mourning loss before the loss.  Live every day to its fullest…don’t waste a day, hour, or minute… celebrate every birthday like it’s your last.  This is how you changed my life sweet Rascal.

It is time for me to do what I do best now…care for all the others I am still entrusted with the stewardship of.  I will think of you often and smile because I know for certain.......YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WERE LOVED!




rascal 2Photo May 06, 9 01 41 PM

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Furry Fiesta Comes Through Again

For the past 8 years, the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) has been the chosen charity of the annual Furry Fiesta, a DFW area convention for anthropomorphic art, science fiction, and fantasy fans. Through the years the attendees of the convention have donated tens of thousands of dollars to CARE to help provide for the 40+ big cats and other exotic animals that call the facility home. The generosity of this animal-loving group has been beyond incredible, and at times has been the only thing that kept the CARE organization from an empty bank account. So, this year, CARE wanted to pay back that kindness and generosity by paying it forward.

CARE staff approached the Furry Fiesta directors with a proposal to invite another animal related non-profit to the convention and to share a percentage of the total donations with them. CARE felt like we had the big cats covered, but that some little kitties could use some help too - so we chose a group called FAAS, based in Arlington, TX.

About FAAS

FAAS was started when a group of people heard about the Arlington, TX animal services immediately euthanizing all feral and stray cats that it trapped. These people wanted to step in and try instead to spay/neuter them, rehab them if they were hurt or sick, and release them back to where they were picked up so they would have a chance at life.

Since then, they have grown to have a very active TNR (trap-neuter-return) clinic where the goal is to reduce the number of free-roaming cat populations. An estimated 7,000 cats have been TNRed in Arlington by FAAS. 4,100 have been spayed or neutered at the Snip & Tip Clinic. An additional 2,200 cats have been rescued from the Arlington Animal Services. This has resulted in an increase in the cat live release rate from 24% to 80% and has reduced the intake at animal services by 2,000 cats a year.

FAAS also has an education program where they encourage pet owners to have their cats fixed and tell people about "community cats" - feral cats that roam freely and should be considered wildlife, just like squirrels or raccoon.

Photo Apr 24, 7 22 32 PM




Trapped feral cats waiting for vetting so that they may be re-released or relocated to a safer area.





FAAS attended the Furry Fiesta event with CARE in March where they were overwhelmed by the kindness and enthusiasm of the 2,820 convention attendees. These generous convention-goers ended up donating a whopping $17,970 and CARE committed to sharing 25% of that with FAAS.

On April 24th, 2016 CARE’s Board President, Jamie Reed, stopped by to present a check for $4,500 to the FAAS Clinic manager, Becky.

Photo Apr 24, 7 26 31 PM








While there, Jamie got to meet and learn about some of the cats that this amount will directly help. While TNR and education are the main focus of the FAAS group, it isn’t the only service they provide. FAAS also traps abandoned strays or finds adoptable kitties at shelters that are on the euthanasia list and takes them in with the hopes of finding them loving homes. Quite a few of these unwanted cats have health issues – illnesses and injuries – that must be addressed before they have a chance at being adoptable. 100% of the donations from Furry Fiesta will go towards the veterinary treatment of these cats.

Who Benefits

Gandalf is a sweet 10 year-old male who was found abandoned in an apartment complex. When he was picked up, he had severe stomatitis – it was so bad he would growl and cry every time he tried to eat even wet, mushy food. He had to have every single one of his teeth pulled and is now a much happier guy now who will be a great companion to someone.

Photo Apr 25, 10 17 03 AM

Snowflake is another 10 year-old who was dumped at a trailer park along with several other cats. He has stomatitis as well and has to have 18 teeth removed.

Photo Apr 24, 6 58 23 PM

Timmy is yet again a sweet boy with stomatitis and is waiting to have his painful teeth removed (that is why his little tongue is sticking out).

Photo Apr 24, 7 23 49 PM

Rebecca was trapped and was very, very sick. She needs to go to the vet to get a diagnosis on her left eye so she can receive treatment.


Photo Apr 24, 7 14 16 PM

Dizzy came from a hoarder. All of the cats that came in this group have immune system problems. Dizzy and his brother both have eye problems that need to be checked out.

Photo Apr 24, 7 20 49 PM

And there are many, many more that need attention. Most importantly, they need homes. The cats at the FAAS clinic are all special needs which means that most shelters and rescue groups would not consider them adoptable. But, there is no reason that they can’t make a great companion to either the right person with a little bit of extra patience or even the companion of another pet. All they need is a little extra TLC – like Gomez:

Gomez was trapped as a feral – and was incredibly wild! There seemed to be no chance that he would ever be okay with people until a magic little mouse came along. FAAS staff and volunteers started playing with him with a small mouse toy with a long tail. He was mesmerized by that tail, and started becoming more comfortable with the people playing with him. Now, he is a clinic favorite and begs to be held and pet by his adoring “staff”. Gomez will make a wonderful friend to someone – but beware, FAAS will not let him go easily. They are waiting for a very special person to love this very special cat!

Photo Apr 24, 7 02 14 PM

Please consider contacting FAAS at if you are interested in giving one of these slighty imperfect, yet absolutely wonderful cats at FAAS a furr-ever home!

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